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Frequently Asked Questions about Clarence Lifestyle Village

The following are answers to many of the questions you may have about Clarence Lifestyle Village.

Please feel free to contact one of our Sales Executives on 0417 319 020 if you need any additional information, clarification or if you have any further questions now that you are considering your new way of life at Clarence Lifestyle Village.


Buying a home at Clarence Lifestyle Village

Q. Do I own my own home at Clarence Lifestyle Village?

A. Yes. We are happy to announce at Clarence Lifestyle Village you own your home, it’s yours, you can leave it to others, sell it and even move it – should you desire, unlike “Retirement Villages” where you only have a Lease or a License to use.

Q. What is the price range of homes at Clarence Lifestyle Village?

A. Clarence Lifestyle Village has a fabulous range of properties to choose from, depending on the number of bedrooms you desire, the design and location within the Village. Homes include as standard landscaped front yards, carport, shed and clothes line. Prices start at $265,000.00


  • Cambridge $265,000.00
  • Tamar $295,000.00
  • Derwent $295,000.00
  • Acton $310,000.00

These prices may change as the development progresses without notice, but we are focused on keeping your new home as affordable as possible.

Q. How long will my home take to build?

A. Your new home at Clarence Lifestyle Village is built by qualified builders and tradesmen. We will have clear open channels of communication and provide you with a detailed time line of the process involved with the construction of your dwelling. We will work in with you on the timing of selling your current home, the building of your new villa at Clarence Lifestyle Village and the settlement date of your existing home.

In some cases there may even be a villa that suits your requirements for you to move in to immediately, so why not ask one of our friendly Sales Executives today.

Q. Who will build my villa?

A. Your dwelling will be constructed by a qualified home builder, Total Building and Excavations Pty Ltd, using the latest in construction methods, materials and finishes by tradesmen experienced in building these quality homes. All villas come with a one year warranty on built components. You will be provided with certificate of compliance from a structural engineer as well as all council requirements.

Q. What does the home price include?

A. We at Clarence Lifestyle Village know peace of mind is paramount, that is why we have made your transition to lifestyle living as smooth as possible.  Your new home at Clarence Lifestyle Village will be ready to move into straight away because everything is included. Outside your home the price is inclusive of landscaped Nature Strip (from fence to curb), fencing, paths, clothesline and a car port with own shed. We will install a heat pump heater and air conditioner that will save you money.

Q. So, how do I become a Lifestyler™?

A. Now you have decided to become a Lifestyler at Clarence Lifestyle Village we have a simple four-step process.

Step 1
Working closely with one of our expert sales executives they will undertake a consultative approach with you and assist you to choose the home and location that best suits your needs. We then require a fully refundable holding Deposit of $500 to secure your choice. This gives you an exclusive option for fourteen days.

Step 2
At This stage we prepare all necessary Contractual Agreements and ask you to pay the final deposit amount of $5,000 bringing your total non-refundable deposit to $5,500.00.

We will be in regular contact keeping you informed of the progress of your new villa and how that fits with the sale of your existing home. When you do sell your home we would ask you to please notify your sales executive and we can advise you the best settlement date of your new home.

Please note you should make sure the contract of sale for your existing house has a settlement period of at least 90 days where possible.

Step 3
Upon receipt of Council permits, construction will commence and a further four progress payments will coincide with key construction stages.

Our promise to you is to keep you Informed and engage you in the construction process of your new villa from its inception to its completion, giving you peace of mind along the way. We are always here to assist you in any way we can, we want to make the transition as smooth as possible


Security of tenure

Q. Do I own the land where my home is situated?

A. One of the reasons that we are so affordable is that we separate the ownership of the land from the ownership of the villa. Therefore when you buy a home at Clarence Lifestyle Village, you enter into a long-term lease of the land on which your home is situated. The lease gives you an exclusive right to occupy the land and to use and enjoy Clarence Lifestyle Village’s facilities and services during that time. You do not own the land but you have exclusive occupation of it for the duration of your fifty year lease.

Q. How much is the rent on the lease?

A. Under the lease at Clarence Lifestyle Village, the rent is payable by direct debit each fortnight. Depending on your personal financial circumstances, you may be eligible for Government rental assistance to reduce this amount. The rent is reviewed on 1 July each year. The weekly rental rates are currently:

Situation Weekly site fee
Single person on the Age Pension(after full rental assistance rebate) $77.30 per week ($137.80 less $60.50 rebate)
Couple on the Age Pension(after rental assistance rebate) $109.80 per week($166.70 less $56.90 rebate)
Single Self Funded Retiree and those still working full time $127.80 per week
Couple Self Funded Retirees and those still working full time $156.70 per week

Please Note: The above table is provided as a guide only. For more information and to take into account your personal circumstances, please call CentreLink on 13 23 00 or visit

Q What does the rent cover?

At Clarence Lifestyle Village, the lease monies are used to pay the costs of running the Village including the following:

Council rates.

  • Running and maintenance costs of craft workshop and woodwork shop.
  • Servicing and maintenance of Village bus.

Government taxes and charges.

  • Maintenance of the common garden areas.
  • Maintenance of the Nature Strip to the homes.
  • Access to the Lifestylers’ facilities including the Clubhouse and the Leisure Centre.
  • Maintenance of the Clubhouse and Leisure Centre, as well as running costs.
  • The Management of the Village and associated cost of the land and services.

Q. Can I get Government rental assistance?

A. You may be entitled to Government rental assistance depending on your personal circumstances. By calling CentreLink or Veteran Affairs they will be able to advise you of your entitlements in regard to receiving rental assistance for Clarence Lifestyle Village

Q. Do I pay body corporate fees or council rates?

A. There are no body corporate fees payable at Clarence Lifestyle Village. Council rates are paid by Clarence Lifestyle Village.

Q. Who pays for utilities such as electricity?

A. Where possible Clarence Lifestyle Village try to absorb costs associated with living within the village however some are direct Lifestyler costs, such as Electricity (Aurora), Telephone and Internet are your responsibility.


Living at Clarence Lifestyle Village

Q. What is the difference between an over 55’s residential village and a retirement village?

A. At Clarence Lifestyle Village we are not a retirement village but a way of life.

We strive to encompass all the values that like minded people, who want more out of life, seek. We believe people never retire and with this in mind careful planning has been instrumented to ensure the facilities are beneficial to create an enjoyable, relaxing and most importantly an active lifestyle for the villages Lifestylers.

Picture your day starting with a stroll around the Village, perhaps with friends or your favorite four legged companion, followed by a gentle gym session with a swim and soak in the spa to wash away the aches.

Lunch could be around a friendly game of bowls on the green, then catching up with your friends for a pleasant BBQ telling them about your exploits on the bowling green. Later why not retire inside and watch the latest DVD or movie in the cinema. The opportunities are endless at Clarence Lifestyle Village and are designed for you to enjoy your new way of life.

Q. Are there Village rules?

A. To ensure that everyone enjoys life at Clarence Lifestyle Village, there will be a set of Village directives for Lifestylers to adhere to. They will cover such issues as noise, the use of the facilities and pets. They are designed to ensure that your rights are protected and your new way of living at Clarence Lifestyle Village is as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Q. Do I get a say in the operation of the Village?

A. Yes. Lifestylers are welcome to attend monthly Social Meetings with their ideas. There is also a Suggestion Box in the Clubhouse & a Twice yearly Resident’s Meeting

Q. Can visitors stay?

A. Of course. Visitors and family are welcome at Clarence Lifestyle Village and can stay at no additional cost for a period of up to 30 days. After 30 days you will require the approval of the Village Manager and a small charge may apply subject to the ongoing usage of the Lifestylers facilities.

Q. Can my visitors use the Clubhouse, Pool, Spa, Gym and other facilities?

A. Visitors are welcome to use most of the Clarence Lifestyle Village facilities when accompanied by a Lifestyler. Gym, Pool and Spa area will be for the exclusive use of the LifeStyler. Our aim is to create a happy environment for everyone to enjoy.

Q. Can I rent out my home?

A. Clarence Lifestyle Village has been created to provide a safe gated community for like minded people who want to live an active vibrant life and foster long lasting relationships and friendships between other owner/occupier Lifestylers. Where we don’t actively encourage home rental, in some exceptional circumstances and with written dispensation from the Managing Director, it is permissible to rent your home out for a mutually agreeable time.

Q. What about health service?

A. The site for Clarence Lifestyle Village was carefully considered to give easy access to services such as Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, CentreLink, Medicare and other Government services located only a short drive from the Village. Public transport is also easily accessible from the front gate to these services and more.

Q. What about other services?

A. Close by you have access to all of the services you could want, with the thriving Lindisfarne Village only a quick jaunt up the road you have everything you could possibly want literally at your doorstep and more. Lindisfarne village has services such as veterinary surgeries, hair and beauty salons, butchers supermarkets, newsagents, restaurants and more.

Q. Do I have to retire before I can become a Lifestyler?

A. Absolutely not! Because Clarence Lifestyle Village is not a retirement home there is no need for you to be retired, all that is required is that you or your partner be aged 55 years or over. It’s that simple! You can choose to work full time, part time or not at all.

Q. What happens when I go on holidays?

A. In the event you are going on holidays, simply advise the Village Manager of your absence and the intended duration you’ll be away. 

Q. Who collects my rubbish?

A. Each villa is provided with a wheelie bin that is collected once a fortnight.

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. Yes at Clarence Lifestyle Village we understand that your pet is part of your family and an integral part of the community.

Small pets are very welcome. There will be some common sense rules to follow as we are conscious that we need to respect the rights of all Lifestylers at Clarence Lifestyle Village, including those without pets.

Q. Where is mail delivered?

A. All units have an individual letter box installed on their front fence. Australia Post deliver daily.

Q. Where do I park my car?

A. Each home has a carport. Additional parking for visitors is located at the front or rear of the carport and throughout the Village and around the Clubhouse.

Q. Where can I store my caravan, boat or trailer?

A. Clarence Lifestyle Village has a limited area for storing trailers, boats, motor homes and caravans. A weekly fee of $5 is payable for storage.

Q. Is Clarence Lifestyle Village connected to public transport?

A. Lifestylers at Clarence Lifestyle Village have access to the Village bus operated by the Village Manager. This allows for the easy commute of LifeStylers and their visitors to such things as local shops, appointments, bowls clubs and other venues. There is also public transport located directly outside the Village gates.



Q. Who looks after my lawn and garden?

A. Clarence Lifestyle Village has designed the site to be as low maintenance as possible using native plants and landscaping. The Village gardening team maintains the nature strip from the front picket fence to the curb of all homes. Lifestylers are responsible for the maintenance of their properties within their perimeter fence, however the gardening team can look after the rear and the side of your property for an agreed fee.

Q. Who maintains my home?

A. To ensure Clarence Lifestyle Village remains an attractive, vibrant and harmonious place to reside we ask LifeStylers to ensure that the exterior of their home is maintained and in keeping with the Villages precedents. If you are unsure the Village Manager is always happy to advise what is acceptable.


Customizing your home

Q. What can I add to my garden?

A. You can add just about anything to your garden, provided it is within reason and is consistent with the overall landscape plan of the Clarence Lifestyle Village.

Q. Can I customize my home?

A. There are opportunities to customize your home, keeping within the limits of the overall look of the Village. It is your home and you can make further changes you desire once you move in. Any changes to the exterior façade of the home must be in keeping with the overall look of the village and must be approved by the Village management before work starts. Naturally you must also comply with any relevant building approvals that may be required.




Q. What facilities are there for LifeStylers to enjoy?

A. Clarence Lifestyle Villages aim, was to create a gated community that provides an active lifestyle with social and recreational opportunities for like minded people. The centre piece being the 5 Star Leisure Centre, Clubhouse and in the future the Bowling Green. We are hoping for a Spring 2020 opening of the Bowling Green.

You can enjoy:

  • State of the art Cinema
  • Billiards or Pool
  • Computer area with high-speed Internet access.
  • Visiting consultants’ rooms (for hair dressers, doctors, massages etc.).
  • Library with a selection of books and magazines.

And if that’s not enough, the village bus is available to take you to different locations in and around Hobart such as Eastland’s, Northgate and Lindisfarne. The Leisure Centre has picturesque views across the dam. Sit back and relax and enjoy a BBQ with family and friends on the terrace or just enjoy the view while lazing in the spa.

In the Leisure Centre you can enjoy:

  • Heated swim spa’s and a hot spa
  • Full gym facilities with the latest equipment
  • Sauna
  • Massage room

Q. Can I get Internet access?

A. Yes of course you can have internet services connected directly to your villa with the usual standard charges from the provider applying, or feel free to use the latest facilities provided in the state of the art Clubhouse.

Q. Is there an emergency alarm system?

A. You can choose to fit your new home with an alarm system linked to an external siren and blue light or a monitored system if required feel free to discuss this with our friendly sales executives.


Leaving Clarence Lifestyle Village

Q. Can I move my home elsewhere?

A. Yes. All you need to do is give the Village Manager written notice of your intention to move your home. Of course, you must bear the removal costs yourself. It is important to note that if you decide to move your home, you are still responsible for the rent until your notice period expires. After this notice period, your lease is set aside and Clarence Lifestyle Village is free to re-lease the site to a new Lifestyler.

Q. How do I resell my Clarence Lifestyle Village home?

A. You can sell your villa at any stage at Clarence Lifestyle Village, however at least seven days written notice must be given to the Village Manager if you intend to sell. You can sell your villa through one of our expert Sales Executives using the latest marketing techniques, we may even have someone already on our data base wanting to purchase your villa, or alternatively you may sell the villa privately.

Q. Is there a fee for selling my home at Clarence Lifestyle Village?

A. When you sell your home at Clarence Lifestyle Village there is a one off selling fee of five per cent called for a selling fee charged by Clarence Lifestyle Village. This covers the cost to find a suitable purchaser to ensure you receive the maximum possible price as well as administration costs for change of lease etc…


Village or Retirement Village?

Q. Are there any other costs associated with selling my home at Clarence Lifestyle Village, such as deferred management fees?

A. Clarence Lifestyle Village takes a unique approach to fees if you decide to sell your Clarence Lifestyle Village home. A one off, flat selling fee of five percent is incurred. Don’t gamble with your future income. This is a refreshing approach compared to many retirement villages, where a myriad of fees are incurred on the sale price of your home.